I’ve always considered myself “well-informed”.

Before I ever had a political philosophy to call my own, I read the news every day. This, of course, was making me less informed, but I didn’t realize it at the time.

I came from a more conservative background, but had no real opinions about domestic policy. I just viewed the world as a chess board, with America being my team, the good guy, and that we needed to “win”, whatever that meant.

It was like this for a few years, until around 2007, when I realized that I would be able to vote the next year and wanted to become more informed. I started doing some research.

First, I read the Democratic and Republican Party platforms. Even I could see that they were a complete joke.

Next, I decided to look up third parties, just to see what else was out there. Nearly all of them seemed like a joke to me as well, except both the Constitutionalist and Libertarian Parties.

The views that I read about for these two parties seemed crazy, but interesting. I remember seeing on the Libertarian platform something about opposing the switch to fluorescent lights. I just couldn’t imagine why this would matter – and besides, we should become more energy independent so we don’t have to bow into them there terrorists!

Either way, these ideologies caught my attention. My older brother is an astute follower of politics, so I asked him if he knew of any libertarian materials that I could take a look at. He handed me Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom. It was the first time I had ever been exposed to ideas of any kind about economics, and I found his discussion on occupational licensure mind-blowing. It seemed so obvious!

Of course, I still didn’t understand libertarianism at all, or it’s implications. But the damage had been done, and an irreversible process had begun.

I tried to devour as much information as I could. I immediately came upon LewRockwell.com, Mises.org, and strike-the-root.com.

Great as these sites are (and I continue to read them daily), I needed something more comprehensive. Somehow, I immediately stumbled upon a book online called Healing Our World by Dr. Mary Ruwart. To this day, I think it is the most accessible and well-written exposition of┬álibertarianism I’ve ever read.

I spent the traditional 4-6 months as a minarchist before reaching the conclusion that this was silly. Not before voting for Ron Paul in the Republican primary leading up to the 2008 Presidential election, but soon afterward.

Luckily, I had managed to “convert” one of my closest friends to the same belief system. We spent the 2008 Presidential election alone in his room, fearing for the future of humanity, as riots filled the streets celebrating Lord Protector Obama’s victory.

For the next several years, I continued to educate myself more and more, all while completing an Economics major, and answering questions the way I thought the professors wanted to hear.

It’s been several years now since I’ve graduated from college, and I felt like I needed to do something further to contribute to this movement. I started this blog, and began volunteering some of my time as a guest editor for Strike The Root. And here we are!